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If you wonder why I haven't post for long... I'm currently working on this blog below ;)


Play internet for money

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After you create a blog don't forget to build your traffic. And after you build traffic don't forget to join It's mean that you can have business with low cost or not at all! Beware of sites that fake you guys for money but they don't send it because they only wanted your personal data.

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Are you planning for a vacation? Still thinking where to visit? Make sure you read the guide of places before you do so! provide information of countries in around world, it also include the interested places of on each country such as Bali Island of Indonesia.

Telkom is Indonesia government telecommunication company as well as internet service provider. From information gathered on Kompas, today, 8 April 2008, Telkom have started blocking Indonesia internet user’s access to It then follow by other ISP such as Dnet, BigNet, dan Firstmedia.

It said that it is because of had an offensive video which know as "FITNA film" that had insulted certain countries include Indonesia. The Indonesia government demand that the video to be deleted thus the site access would be unblocked again. Others sites such as myspace, rapidshare and Meta café were also blocked.

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BBC blog

What is blog?

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Create your own blog!

Many internet browsers nowadays has start to make their own little world in the internet, they start by creating website or blogging, usually they started with an single idea. Blog is also a place to sound your opinions or interest. Its totally up to the writer whether they want to make it for opening business online like or personal blog for their family or friends and much more.

We can also start by visiting createawebsite or blogger for beginners because it's free. If you already mastered them , you can start buying a domain name for your website, if you have great ideas maybe you can be a millionaire?

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How to measure a website popularity? websites popularity are determined traffic rank of those websites. Calculated from page loads, links to the website, and numbers of its unique visitors.

If you asking which websites are the most popular in your country?, Top Sites by Country might have the answer!

The traffic data provided by Alexa not only favorable for web browser to find any Interested website but it will also help website owner to make use of the information to improve their websites. Information such as page load speed, links to sites, traffic rank are on there.

Examples this is site information are as below:
Youbaba's Alexa rank
Show your rank in your page

Want to meet new friends? In internet you can meet peoples from around the world. You can create a website or blog to express your feeling. You can also be members of internet forums; you can do chat using msn. Those are called social networking.

What? You don't have much time? register to websites which provide you a page for you to write down your profile, share your video, Image, etc. It is almost no need of understanding any Html, PHP code or other similar ones. You could meet old friends or even meet new friends, add your friends there so you can keep in touch with them wherever in earth they are. Sending message, post a bulletin and much more!

You can just send e-mail to contact your friend if they are far away, yes but if you registered on those websites you can search and found some old friends which you haven't meet for years.

These are the websites that I'm talking about, Be the part of network society by registered at these sites: